Gift cards

Gift cards


Gift cards from Day Spa Sun

Day Spa Sun gift cards are a desired gift on birthdays, Christmas, mother’s day or any other special occasion.

You can buy a gift card from us on four different ways:

  1. You can buy a gift card on a certain sum directly from our online booking. Payment will be made online as well with a bank or credit card. You can print the gift card or load it and send via email or SMS to the receiver.
  2. You can order a  gift card also to your email by using the order form (link below). You will receive an A4 sized pdf-document to your email, which you can print or send to the receiver via email. Payment will be done with an invoice or payment link (payment with a bank or credit card). Please note that the last minute orders are recommendable to make by calling +358 440 555670. We are reachable also during weekends.
  3. We can send a traditional gift card and an invoice for it to a given address via mail. Invoice will include 10 € invoicing fee. When you think about this option, please also notice the mail delivery times. If the gift card is urgent, please buy it through online or via email.
  4. Traditional gift cards can also be bought from our customer service in Spa SaniFani. At the moment we are open on request, so please call us before arriving.

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